Fedor Konyukhov

Fedor is out from Southern Ocean

Fedor entered the @@apos@@Roaring Forties@@apos@@ on 30 January 08 and exited today having spent the last 95 days below latitude 40S. He performed solo non-stop sailing on his 86 foot boat unassisted, 95 days below 40S. A remarkable achievement.

As at 10:24 WST 04 May 08 Fedor has 500 nautical miles to the Finish Line in KingGeorgeSound - @@apos@@as the crow flies@@apos@@. With variable lighter winds forecast this last 500 nm may be the most agonising of the past 99 days as the wind plays it@@apos@@s tricks to test Fedor@@apos@@s mental and physical endurance right to the last. In the meantime Antarctica Cup Ocean Race personnel in company with Fedor@@apos@@s shore crew are busy making arrangements for the conclusion of Fedor@@apos@@s epic and historic voyage around the Antarctica Cup Racetrack. International media crews have arrived in Albany with more expected waiting for Fedor to cross the Finish Line - maybe Wednesday 07 May but looking like Thursday 08 May at this stage. Albany is enjoying glorious autumn weather.

Report from Fedor: “It is getting warm out here. I really can feel it now. The air smells different. Still raining, but it is comfortable rain, not those bullets we had for the last 3 months. This morning I crossed 40 South and exit Roaring Forties. It is very emotional feeling, combination of joy and sadness. Will I ever sail these waters? I spent more then half a year sailing my boat from UK to Australia and then ACRT, I so much got used to this routine and frankly speaking I am scare to change it! It is all so predictable here in the ocean, my boat become essential part of it and soon I will have to put her on anchor. This is hard to believe. All my thoughts now – how I will approach Albany, what time, who will meet me, what the weather will be there? All thoughts about finish. Fedor”.