Fedor Konyukhov

Fedor is heading into another area of Low pressure

Sat Session with Fedor

“All if fine on board our hardworking yacht “Trading Network Alye Parusa”. For the past 12 hours we were sailing in the wind 40+ knots gusting 50 knots. The ocean surface is white and driven by strong winds. It seems that westerly flow will stay strong all the way to Cape Horn which is 2.500 miles ahead. The forecast shows strong Low just N-E-E of us moving fast East. We are using the back wind of this Low and plan to hold on to this system as long as we can. It is favourable situation for me, as there is no chance that Low will pass over my boat, like what happened 4 days ago.  

The wind becomes S-S-W bringing even colder air from Antarctica. I think it is close to 0 C now, but I don’t have a thermometer on board. Spotted a pack of whales moving North.

Using radar to spot icebergs and had one situation when it looked like solid reflected surface. At position of 54,6 S and 149,15W during this night and I bared away few degrees until we cleared this dot on the screen. Definitely something was floating there. We have S-W winds for prolonged period of time there is a risk of an iceberg being blown to 54 South. From now on to 57 South – Cape Horn the chances to sea icebergs are quite high.

Fried on pan last 3 “Barn eggs from Albany”. That was tasty reminder of quality food you enjoy on dry land. From now on – dry food, rice, spaghetti and some fish tins. I not very big fan of freeze-dry food. I ate it a lot during Seven Summits climbs and trips to the North and South Poles. It is light but not very tasty, but when you pulling 140 kg sled to the South Pole – every gram does matter. Since I am sailing on maxi boat with according to the boat registration papers “56 tons Gross tonnage” – I can have some tins and cans as it will not affect boat performance. I grilled chicken would be best meal for me today.

Regards, Fedor