Fedor Konyukhov

Fedor heading North to the new Way Point

“Fedor passed first mark on ACRT to avoid iceberg zone: 50 South and 50 West. This waypoint was given to indicate north-western boundaries of iceberg spread in March 2008. From this moment Fedor is monitoring area around the boat as close as it possible for a solo sailor. Meanwhile Antarctica Cup management suggested 2 more Way Points: 47 South - 40 West and 45 South – 30 West. This will gradually bring the boat to the Outside Lane other words to the Northern boundaries of Antarctica Cup Race Track. 

Message from Fedor:

“Good morning. It is cold and dry morning here on 50 South. It is not raining and sun is breaking though clouds. Good visibility. We are heading 030 COG, although I would want to see more easterly heading. Jibed several times, but on another tack we sailed 110 COG. This would be alright if not Iceberg Warnings, so for now my only option is to try to sail as much east of north as possible. This move up North will add more miles to our track, as the difference between INSIDE Line and OUTSIDE Line is 11.600 and 14.600 respectively.

Today looks like a possible day to conduct the repairs on the rudder. Wind 20-25 knots, sea state 2-3 meters waves, not the best, but you can’t expect flat calm in “Furious Fifties”. At least it is not raining – very rare moment indeed. I am drying all my gear, including sleeping bag. Well not drying, let’s call it – ventilating. Few hatches also opened to get rid of condensation inside the boat. Today I again checked my food supplies – nothing exciting: tins, dry food, rice, spaghetti. I only have several plastic boxes with food and I can name the content by memory, but still searching for something fresh and tasty. May be there is something on the bottom of the box that I missed during my previous search. Keep 360 degrees lookout for icebergs – so far only ocean swell, the horizon is leveled. Sailed 8.500 n/miles from Albany. Fedor”