Fedor Konyukhov

Fedor entered Western Hemisphere

This night maxi yacht “Trading Network Alye Parusa” crossed Latitude 180 East and entered into Western Hemisphere. The boat will sail in WH across 2 Oceans: Pacific and Atlantic until she crosses Greenwich Meridian.

180E also marked Gate # 4 on the Antarctica Cup Race Track.

Sat session with Fedor 17 Feb 09:00 Perth time.

“We already are getting the breath of the storm. Cold wind 30+ knots from the S-W and confused sea. I tried to sleep this night for at least 2 hours, but could only nap for 30-40 minutes as wind was gradually increasing and shifting from SS-E to SS-W so I had to spend some time in the cock-pit. To sleep - here means you are sitting in the nav. station bank, fully geared up with your boots, hat on, harness on and always ready to run into the cock-pit. Plus I set Alarm clock in order not to fall into deep sleep. I have to change the Raymarine autopilots every 2 hours, in order to cool them down and reduce wear and tear on such trip. So you never get more then 2 hours of rest and in the weather like now - 30 minutes of nap is may be what you get for 6 hours on watch.

This morning cooked rice with dry fruits. This was my hot meal for today and perhaps for next 48 hours. Filled in both thermoses with hot water this should be enough for today.

The rest is busyness as usual. I forgot to mention that it is drizzle or rain in squalls, but I guess it is not news any more. Fedor. Position: 52, 00S - 178,22.W”

Forecast from Lee Bruce (Tactical Weather)

17/00-06: Becoming WSW 30-35

17/06-12: Becoming WSW 35-40 gust 45

17/12-18/06: WSW 35-40 gust 45

18/06-19/06: WSW 45-50 gust 60

19/12-20/00: WSW 30-35

Waves should gradually increase, with max of 12-13m, occasional 14-16m from about 18/09Z-19/12Z.

This is wave chart is based on the Significant Wave Height, which is the average of the highest one-third of the combined swell and wind waves; some waves will be higher, which is why I added a forecast of occasional waves to 16m (52.5ft)”.