Fedor Konyukhov

Comments on the current boat progress from project consultant - Simon Chalk

Fedor is approaching his first waypoint. Before the start Fedor together with project consultant Simon Chalk set up 7 waypoints across Pacific Ocean as a target marks during the crossing. Here are some comments from Simon Chalk regarding Fedor’s progress so far and the route he is taking now.

«It seemed to be difficult to see how Fedor would break away from the coast without being affected by the low pressure systems that track across the Southern Ocean - these in affect cause Southerly wind and wave sets running up the Chilean Coast. These weather systems are so large that they also dramatically affect the localized pressure system and as a result cause "mini spin off" lows that move up the coastline. As a secondary affect there is also the Humboldt (Peru) Current that also travels in a South to North direction before then heading off shore. With these affects in mind - the first waypoints allow Fedor a realistic target of just gaining distance from the coastline. Then as the wind changes direction to more of an Easterly, it is planned that Fedor drops further South again by Mid way across the ocean.

This is a view to take advantage of the stronger more predominant easterly@@apos@@s without falling out of the top of them further North. It also gives a better position to miss the more densely placed Island groups in the mid-Pacific region. The run in over the later third of the voyage should be more stable in terms of direction, the obstacles become less and the weather systems are more settled - the final third should see an increase in boat speed (as the boat gets lighter) and the more established current takes affect. The progress to date has been very steady and strong. The boat has handled the tough conditions well. Not only the sea conditions but also limited sunlight and strong wind strength. It is always the toughest part of rowing an ocean from a large land mass, getting clear of the coast. Over the next few days, Fedor should be rewarded for his hard work and if as predicted, the wind turns more to an Easterly - there should be great progress towards the West. It’s a very different Ocean to Row than the Atlantic and all progress forwards (however small in the early stages) are strong steps.

Here are the waypoints we set up for Fedor prior his departure from Chile:

Waypoint 1 26.00.00 S 77.00.00 W

Waypoint 2 21.00.00 S 108.00.00 W

Waypoint 3 23.00.00 S 131.00.00 W

Waypoint 4 26.00.00 S 147.00.00 W

Waypoint 5 27.00.00 S 175.00.00 W

Waypoint 6 27.00.00 S 163.00.00 E

Waypoint 7 27.00.00 S 153.00.00 E

Simon Chalk».

Latest position report is here: http://yb.tl/konyukhov2