Fedor Konyukhov

Alye Parusa on the N-E heading towards the Exit mark

Fedor Konyukhov reported via Sat phone:

“I am talking to you, standing on deck via Iridium hand-held phone. The stationary phone is out of order; the troubleshooting procedure showed that there is a problem with antenna. It looks antenna had enough of stress and gave up. The portable sat phone is from the Survival grab bag, the line is clear, but the only disadvantage – I have to go on deck, as there is no coverage inside the nav station. 

Last 24 hours were quite challenging, after powerful North flow we had for nearly 100 hours, some one switched off the wind. All of sudden from 45 knots we end up with 05 knots in the matter of minutes. The Ocean was completely out of control and the boat was left with no power to the mercy of the waves. Main sail was flying and crushing from side to side. Before I managed to dropt it down, one of the stainless steel connecting pin (attaches main sail to the traveler on the mast) broke and it is now rubbing alongside the carbon mast. I tried to unscrew the broken part from batten terminal – but so far unsuccessful. The remained bit is too short to get it with pliers. I am working on it now, since I have several spare pins.   

From morning 27th of April we are finally coming up towards turning mark at 105E. With the long range forecast we may sail east of this mark, it all we depend on the wind conditions around this mark.  

The amount of snow I had this night is unbelievable. Strong northern flow with high humidity and cold conditions of late Southern Ocean Autumn brought massive snow fall, up to 10 centimeters on deck and on the sails. Fresh water in plastic bottles in the cockpit is frozen. I can easily imagine conditions the first polar explorers experienced. Hope I will be out of this refrigerator soon. 35 South (Albany Latitude) sounds like Tropics. Best regards, Fedor

Position: 49,26.71S , 88,9.7E
Speed: 7 knots, Course: 40 deg.
UTC Time: 27. April 2008 09:18