Fedor Konyukhov

Fedor Crosses GATE 18 Racetrack Exit Gate

Fedor Crosses GATE 18 (105E), Racetrack Exit Gate

Fedor crossed GATE 18 (105E) of the Antarctica Cup Racetrack at 2106 UTC, 01 May 08. (0506 WST 02 May 08) and is now free to head north to the Finish Line in King George Sound, Albany, Western Australia. ETA KingGeorgeSound Thursday 08 May 08. (please follow this web site for updates).
Reports from Fedor@@apos@@s shore crew indicate that Fedor is in the grip of 50 -55 knot gale force winds from the  WNW. The repair to the mainsail track car is complete. Fedor is OK but is still sailing east until the wind allows him to set a course for KingGeorgeSound. Distance under the keel of @@apos@@Trading Network Alye Parusa@@apos@@ since crossing the Start Line (26 January 08) is 15,400 nautical miles. Distance to the Finish Line (118E) is 850 nautical miles.
Fedor has effectively completed the inaugural circumnavigation of the Antarctica Cup Racetrack, GATE 1 - GATE 18, Solo Monohull Division in approx. 96 Days 19 Hours. @@apos@@Trading Network Alye Parusa@@apos@@ has incurred damage to a mast head instrument and has a damaged aerial to the satellite telephone terminal below decks. There are some splits in the mainsail which are holding. Aside from this @@apos@@Trading Network Alye Parusa@@apos@@ is in sound condition which is a tribute to the soundness of the vessel and the meticulous preparation for the event by Fedor, his shore crew, sail maker North Sails (France), refit ship yard Pendennis (UK), rigging company All Spars (UK) and many other involved in preparing the boat for the toughest yacht race on the Planet.

Position: 44,18.0S , 107,28.43E
Speed: 10 knots, Course: 60 deg.
UTC Time: 02. April 2008 09:32
wind-50-60 kt W- FEDOR OK