Fedor Konyukhov

48 hours after the start

Radio session with Fedor Konyukhov:

“All is well on board the good ship “Trading Network Alye Parusa”. My yacht and I are getting into the sailing routine that we will follow for several months. In fact I feel great relief having left Albany – as this meant the start of the project which I have been dreaming about for many years. I was more concerned and was under pressure when delivering the boat from UK, Falmouth. It was an half-way around the world delivery with a stop over in Cape Town and things may go wrong at any time in any part of the Ocean and I may not get to the starting line in Albany. It would have been be very unlucky and disappointing to damage the boat or rig on the delivery trip to Albany and eliminate all the chances to start the Antarctica Cup Race Track (ACRT) this season. I felt I could not let down my partners in Moscow, Antarctica Cup Management and all who helped me to prepare the boat for the ACRT. Once we crossed the line of Antarctica Cup Race Track in Albany – it is different now. Everything that will happen on this Race Track is part of the event.  

As Lee forecasted we run out of sea breeze 3 hours after the start and for the next 24 hours the wind was unstable with a large swell from the Southern Ocean and little boat speed – this is not a very good combinations for sailing. It was potentially quite damaging for the sails and rig. On 28th morning the wind picked up from S-S-E and we begin to drive South and even South – West. The forecast for next 48 hours looks OK, so I hope to gain some mileage. 

Yes, it is slow progress towards the Race Track and the wind was far from favorable, but as long as 26th of January (Australia Day) will be the official starting date for all future sailors in category “Solo, monohull” – we are in the equal conditions. Who knows what the wind will be like on 26 January 2009. At least we had smooth start with 10-12 knots of breeze near Albany. I did not want to maneuver in the KindGeorgeSound where it blows Force 7-8 at times.

Still warm with period of sunshine. Looks like the Southern Ocean gives me a chance to enjoy the weather before we get to Race Track (45 S) where the dominate color is Grey. Grey skies, grey ocean, rain, drizzle and sometime even snow.