Fedor Konyukhov

2000 miles to finish.

Maxi yacht “Trading Network Alye Parusa” rounded Kerguelen Archipelago and less then 2.000 n/miles separates it from Albany – home port for Antarctica Cup event.

Fedor Konyukhov: «Last night we rounded Kerguelen from North in quite comfortable conditions. I have built up plenty of room between dry land and the boat, so there were no unpleasant surprises. In fact this archipelago created smooth sea state to the north and S-W swell dropped down to 4-5 meters only. As huge breakwater it clamed the Southern Ocean and we benefit greatly. Good sailing conditions. That was the last Island on Antarctica Cup Race Track and next dry land is Western Australia.

The weather pattern ahead is complicated. Lee Bruce recommends S-E heading towards 49 S. Cold again! I was hoping that after Kergulene I will not sail below 47 South, but it seems we need to “dive deep South” one more time. All is fine on board good ship Alye Parusa. She is in great shape and rudder repairs holding perfectly, but with 2000 miles to go – anything may happen. I caught my self thinking about what I will do next this year, I have many plans – but at some moment I said – “Fedor – stop! It is not over yet and you are in the middle of the Southern Indian Ocean”. Back to work – the wind is shifting and easing. Another sleepless night ahead. Position: 46,54.36S и 71,48.8E.  Regards Fedor”.

Lee Bruce:

“Fedor did an excellent job of working to get over the north side of the shoaling—just in time to attack the next weather problem: headwinds. To avoid the worst of the headwinds means sailing into a section of light wind, and perhaps down to near 49S, so the choices aren’t great.  At times, Fedor will have to suffer through very light wind as he waits for the breeze to return.

The forecast assumes an average heading of 105-115T from 20/06Z to about 48 30 75 30E, before climbing N and NE again.