Fedor Konyukhov

1500 miles to the finish line

Fedor Konyukhov crossed Sanders Gate (90°E). He has spent the last 40 days in the freezing ‘Furious Fifty’ latitudes (between latitude 50S and 60S), is now within 1,500 miles of the Albany finish line, and sprinting towards the Antarctica Cup Racetrack exit gate (45°S, 105°E) at 11knots.
At 2155 UTC 27 April 08 Fedor crossed GATE 17 SANDERS GATE. Elapsed time between GATE 16 and GATE 17 SANDERS GATE is 11 Days, 18 Hours, 7 Minutes. The last gate on the Antarctica Cup Racetrack before heading north-east to KingGeorgeSound and the Finish Line is approximately 675 nautical miles ahead. Approximate distance to the Finish Line is 1,635 nautical miles. ETA Finish Line is 8 May.

With a way point of 45S, 105E (Racetrack Exit Gate) ahead Fedor can bid farewell to the cold and fury of the @@apos@@Furious Fifties@@apos@@ latitudes - at least for now! Fedor has spent 40 of the last 92 days between latitude 50S and 60S (Centre Lane and Inside Lane of the Antarctica Cup Racetrack) thought to be the longest period to date spent in these latitudes by a solo non-stop sailor. By the time Fedor’s 85ft yacht Trading Network Alye Parusa gets above 40°S in six days time, he is likely to have chalked up another record for spending 52 days inside the ‘Roaring Forty’ latitudes.