Fedor Konyukhov

100 miles to go

Fedor reported that he has less then 100 n/miles to the finish line. The ocean is nice and smooth, although the wind is right on the nose – from N-E. Fedor has to sail very close to the wind with COG 010, then will tack to sail east, then tack again to sail on the direct course to Albany.

Fedor Konyukhov over the phone: “The sky is magnificent; I have not seen such a blue sky for ages. Sun shine, gentle Ocean, dolphins – is it for real? Only 3 days ago I was battling 50 knots of S-W wind, massive waves, cold and now enjoying Mediterranean style cruise. If it not the head winds, I would get to Albany by mid night today, but with several tacks I need to place it will take another half a day to get to Eclipse Islands where I expect to meet press boat from Albany. My yacht looks very happy and seems enjoy the warm and sunny weather. Sure she deserves such a treatment after working non stop from 12 of October 2007, the day we left FalmouthUK to sail to Albany. One week in Cape Town and 2 weeks in Albany – that was it – short rest for good ship Open 85 “Trading Network Alye Parusa”. I was standing and looking how her bow relentlessly piercing the ocean and this is happening for nearly 30.000 miles in one season – great respect to this vessel.  

I check my food stock. Nothing testy, so will wait until we get to Albany and order nice thick steak. Clean sheets, shower, nice dinner and 12 hours sleep, may be it sounds basic, but this is exactly what I need.